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le port du Croisic Hôtel luxe Croisic

Salt from Southern Brittany

The protected salt marsh sites have existed since prehistoric times, and the salt is gathered using techniques which go back over a thousand years. In this way, without using any machines or chemicals, the paludiers gather the "white gold", a delicacy for gourmet diners: fleur de sel. A number of organizations offer tours of this fascinating environment: it's a great place to visit when staying in Le Croisic!

Continue your visit by stopping off in Guérande, a town of art and history which will take you back to the Middle Ages - the golden age of the town. The fortifications erected by the last Breton dukes make it a unique example of military architecture, and the only town in Brittany to be surrounded by fully-preserved city ramparts. The busy shopping streets all converge on Saint-Aubin square and collegiate church. A must-see!