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Gardens by the sea

Make the most of the astonishing surroundings of the Pointe du Croisic peninsula and the seaside atmosphere of Le Fort de L'Océan by sampling Palais des Thés brand teas and herbal teas from around the world as well as our Richard brand coffees. Choose from a selection of black or green teas, light, fruity or flowery infusions with names such as Rêves d’Enfants (Childhood dreams) or Tisanes des Comptoirs (Teas from the trading posts), and plenty more. Our coffees will take you from South America to Africa through Jamaica.
table dressée dans le salon de thé Hôtel luxe Croisic
ambiance salon de thé Hôtel luxe Croisic

A gourmet break

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden and the sun lounge. If you prefer the blue of the ocean and the sound of waves breaking against the rocks, a panoramic terrace awaits, with gourmet sweets and pastries to accompany the view. We also serve fruit juices and sodas.

Amongst the settings of the fort, behind the granite ramparts, take the time to appreciate the colours of the leafy garden and the shimmering surface of the ocean.
Sit back and take in the spectacle of a place at the end of the world... or almost!

The tea rooms are open from 10 am to 6 pm.

A shuttle to take you to your choice of restaurant in Le Croisic is available on request.